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Updated on 23 December 2023 - View our Data Policy on GitHub

Creobase employs a multifaceted approach to data collection, ensuring both accuracy and ethical compliance. Our primary sources of data include our extensive network of brand partnerships, contributions from a dedicated community of volunteer contributors, and meticulous scanning of publicly available information.

To maintain the highest standard of data accuracy, Creobase incorporates a robust verification process. Email verification is complemented by cross-validation against public records and our internal profile database to ensure the most up-to-date information.

The cornerstone of our community-driven approach is the Creobase community itself, comprised of creators who voluntarily share their contact details with us. These community members enrich our database by contributing data from their own social business networks. This collaborative effort results in a rich and dynamic repository of information.

A key aspect of our data collection methodology is our commitment to privacy and consent. We prioritize transparency by notifying all individuals when their contact information is added to our database. Importantly, Creobase strictly adheres to ethical standards by not engaging in the scraping of private data or interaction with third-party services that engage in this practice. We provide all contacts with the option to opt out of our database and to request the permanent deletion of their information from our system.

In line with our commitment to relevance and utility, Creobase focuses on adding contacts that are pertinent to our users' needs. We ensure that all communications sent to these contacts are tailored to their specific job roles and positions within their organizations, significantly reducing the likelihood of spam and unwelcome communications.

Should you wish to have your data removed from our Discovery Database, please fill out the provided application form. For any additional queries or assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@creobase.com.

Update on 23 December 2023

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